Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dog Nutrition

The following is an excerpt from an article of Andrew Lewis.

"It's dinnertime. Do you know what your dog is eating? If you're feeding him or her commercial dog food, the answer to that just might come as a very big surprise.

Dog Nutrition or Russian Roulette?

That "Chicken Flavor" dog food you've selected may have some chicken in it. Then again, it just as well may not. It's not required to, pursuant to the FDA guidelines concerning dog food ingredient listings. That "Lamb & Rice Formula" for dogs certainly has some lamb and rice in it -- but the total combined could be as little as 25% of the total packaged product, and still conform to regulations. What comprises the remaining 75%?

Is that 75% all goodness? No!

What about all those fillers and by-products and chemical preservatives listed? Do you know what BHA and BHT are, and why they are banned for human use? Are you familiar with ethoxyquin? Rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?

Is meat the first (and thereby most prevalent) ingredient listed, or does corn or grain lead the way? Do you suppose all those artificial colors and flavors are there for your dog's benefit, or for yours? Does your dog food supply the complete and balanced daily dietary provisions for your dog? And, with the loose regulations on dog food labeling leaving us somewhat in the dark as to what exactly we are feeding our pets, how can you be sure?"

All this made me double think my dogs health. Why is it that we automatically trust what is put on the store shelves? And why are we trusting what the vets are telling us? If you walk into your vets office, you will find advertisements for dog food. You probably will find dog food there to buy as well.

If you listen real well the next time you visit your vet, they most likely are going to try to suggest the food they have in their waiting room for your dog. They are doing this, because they are getting paid by the dog food manufacturer to promote their food!

The majority of vets don't see a problem with all the fillers, dyes, and preservatives in our dogs food. I find this absolutely appaulling!

I have since given up on the commercial dog food industry. I now make my girls their food, and they have been thriving! My Lily Bug has lost weight, Murphy Brown has gained weight, and both of their coats are the shiniest you have ever seen!

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Sardar said...

i see you Blogs its really very Good Keep it Up.

Chris said...

NIce blog. I'll be sure to check it out in future.Love ur background too.

Jason said...

Great tip about the dog food in the vet offices. They are always telling me how much better it is for my animals and I have always been skeptical. Thanks for the heads up! Great article!

K.M. George said...

Sardar and Chris-

Thank you for the compliments!


I'm glad I could help you and you were definitely right to be skeptical!!