Saturday, September 13, 2008

How To Find The Best Dog Food Recipes

Have you read other articles about the downfalls of commercial dog food? This is why you are probably here, looking for dog food recipes, because you don't want to feed that crap to your dog anymore.

Or maybe you are just looking to be frugal. Either way, I am glad you stopped by to see what I have to say!

The commercial dog food you find on your grocery store shelves is downright disgusting. Did you know that they use left over cooking oil and grease in the dog food? They do this to make the food more palatable to the dogs, otherwise they wouldn't want to eat it. Probably wondering why they wouldn't eat it, aren't you?

Would you eat something that was made out of rotting, decomposing carcasses? How about if we threw in some maggots? What about by-products? You know what those are don't you?
If you don't, they are all the not fit for human consumption parts of the animals.

The big food companies, that manufacture food for humans own the dog food companies. They use all their left overs, the "not fit for human consumption" left overs, to make the dog foods you find on the shelves, at your grocery store.

Sounds pretty gross, doesn't it? So here we are again, back to the dog food recipes.

If you can commit just 20 minutes a day to your dog, and make her healthy dog food recipes, you will most likely increase her lifespan by at least 7 years!

That is pretty amazing if you ask me! I know I would rather cut 20 minutes out of my t.v. time, than to be heartbroken because my girl got sick and died a slow horrible death because of bad commercial dog food. Next time you are in the store, check out the ingredient list on some of the dog food. You will be surprised at all the fillers, by-products, and preservatives that are in them.

Don't kill your dog slowly. You wouldn't be reading this if you wanted your dog sick. So get going and make your dog healthier! Visit >>>>> Dog Food Recipes